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Background Design & Painting

Visual Novels

Diplomatic Relations (2018) by Farryn [ demo // twitter // tumblr]
Mon-cuties for All (2017) by Reine Works []
Ethereal Creatures (2017) by Glassheart studio [ demo // lemma soft // tumblr]
Heart of Thorns by Ichigo no Kokoro Productions [lemma soft // tumblr]
Danse Macabre by Otome Trash [website]

Animated Short Films

Flight directed by Cal Benedict
Stardust Echos (2016) directed by Kevin Molina-Ortiz [YouTube // Facebook]


Visual Development

Illustrated Works


Figure Drawing

3D Reel

3D Generalist Reel 2015 on Vimeo

Features: Previs (Layout, Camera, Lighting, and Animation), Texturing, Look Development, Animation, and Rigging


Angela Elgar is an freelance artist from California. She studied Animation (and dabbled in Computer Science) at Loyola Marymount University. Her hobbies outside of art include food adventures, fashion, and fighting evil by moonlight.

Fall 2018 Resume | tumblr | sketch blog | instagram

contact: [at] gmail [dot] com